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Kilpisjärvi (Northern Sami: Gilbbesjávri) is a village in the municipality of Enontekiö,Lapland, Finland. It is located in Finland's northern "arm" near the very northwesternmost point of Finland.
Although Kilpisjärvi is one of the largest villages in Enontekiö, it is still quite small. In 2000 its population was recorded as 114. Like most Sami villages, Kilpisjärvi is built mainly around one major road, Käsivarrentie, or the "Arm Road" and Neljäntuulentie, or the "Four Winds' Road" — also known as E8. Near the Kilpisjärvi is the highest point of Finnish road network, at altitude of 565,8 m.
Kilpisjärvi has its own school and a hotel, and the northernmost research station of theUniversity of Helsinki is situated there, as well as the KAIRA research facility. The best-known tourist attractions in Kilpisjärvi are the Saana fell and the "three-country border point", a monument at the border point of Finland, Sweden and Norway, located at approximately69°03′36″N 20°32′56″E, roughly 2.5 km northwest from the end of Lake Kilpisjärvi. There are a number of hikes and other free things to do and see in Kilpisjärvi.
In the music video for Röyksopp's Poor Leno, Leno's place of origin is listed as Kilpisjärvi.
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